Mama Bear

Miss Meaghan and Dan are so excited to be expecting Cohen in September.  This little guy will be the first grandchild for my sister, Deb.  She and hubby Dave are over the moon excited!  As are Cathy and Jim (Dan’s parents).  This little man will certainly be fussed over.

Mom’s Deb and Cathy recently threw a beautiful shower for baby Cohen.  Deb baked for weeks and Cathy’s decor was adorable.  Everyone had a wonderful time showering this new family with love and gifts.  I think he has enough outfits for every day of his first year plus!

Here are a few pics from the shower.


Mama Meg-18Mama Meg-17Mama Meg-6Mama Meg-7Mama Meg-11Mama Meg-8Mama Meg-9Mama Meg-24Mama MegMama Meg-22Mama Meg-25

Mama Meg-20Mama Meg-23Mama Meg-27Mama Meg-28Mama Meg-29Mama Meg-31Mama Meg-32Mama Meg-33Mama Meg-44Mama Meg-35Mama Meg-37Mama Meg-38Mama Meg-39Mama Meg-40Mama Meg-41Mama Meg-42Mama Meg-43Mama Meg-45Mama Meg-46

And baby makes 3

I’ve known Greg since he was a few days old.  So when he and his beautiful wife, Kat, asked if I would take their maternity pics I was honoured.  When they suggested we take them at a winery I said … “why not!?”  Trius Winery is beautiful, friendly, and where Greg works.  And the results are amazing!

But keep scrolling because not long after I got a call to capture their brand new baby boy, Gideon.  And he is ADORABLE!  He was a joy to snuggle and to photograph.  He’s a good mix of both mom & dad and just the sweetest little peanut.  Sigh …



and then ….



FamilyChildren are such blessings.  And knowing the struggles Stef and BG went through to have these 2 miracles makes them that much more special.  So, on a very warm and sunny Sunday afternoon they took time to thank God for these little people and promised to raise them right.  Family and friends gave their support and joined in the prayers.

Grayson wasn’t so sure about the whole thing, but little Chloe took it all in stride (like the little lady she is).

And the best way to celebrate such an occasion is, of course, with food!  No surprise that the cake was the favourite part.

I was so honoured to be there and capture this special day.  Here are a few pics from the Christening.



Pigott Christening-2Pigott Christening-6Pigott Christening-7Pigott Christening-25Pigott Christening-30Pigott Christening-33Pigott Christening-35Pigott Christening-31Pigott Christening-38Pigott Christening-40Pigott Christening-46Pigott Christening-51Pigott Christening-54Pigott Christening-55Pigott Christening-49Pigott Christening-56ClothesPigott Christening-62Pigott Christening-65Pigott Christening-74Pigott Christening-78Pigott Christening-80Pigott Christening-82Pigott Christening-83Pigott Christening-84Pigott Christening-87Pigott Christening-88Pigott Christening-96Pigott Christening-107Pigott Christening-114

Little Man


Maximus is 6 months already!  It’s feels like yesterday that I took his first portraits and now he’s crawling all over the place!  With his 2 little teeth and his sparkly blue eyes he’s quite the charmer.  And he loves his big sister, Lily.

So …. here’s the little man.